Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Finnian - The Star of the Week, and Bellewood Acres Field Trip

Finnian was the Star of the Week at Preschool last week, and he was very excited for it.  I had to make a poster, and then he presented it to his class.  All week hew kept asking me if he was still the Star of the Week.
Yesterday, the preschool had a Field Trip to Bellewood Acres, a local apple farm.

Photo op at the front door of the Bellewood Acres' distillery/café/shop.

We all loaded on the tractor-driven carts out to the orchards and processing plant, which makes apple cider, dried apple slices, and candied apples.
Even with all the cloud cover, Mt Baker was visible in the distance.  Beautiful!
Finnian served as the example of what an apple goes through in the inspection process, and then he was "stamped" (notice the produce stickers on his hand) to be put in a box and shipped to a grocery store.

Picking apples in the orchard.

Vaughn was happy to be out of my arms and able to wander freely.

The return cart ride back to the shop to sample fresh apple cider and apple slices.

That cider is amazing!!!

Vaughn wanted nothing to do with the samples, until I literally poured some apple cider in his mouth; then he couldn't get enough.

Class photo

My handsome boy - ignore the boo-boos on his nose and forehead.  He was rubbing his face on the carpet again; when asked why he said he was "acting like a bronco."  Weird kid!

After the tour was over, it was play time at the playground and time for more photos.
I highly recommend Bellewood Acres tour - it was informative and fun!  The cart ride, the tour of the processing plant/sorting machine/the large refrigerators, picking apples, and the samples at the end.  A great day with the kiddos!

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