Monday, October 14, 2013

Random-ness with Latham & Finnian

With Ronan in school full-time and Vaughn still sleeping much of the time, my days are largely spent with only Finnian and Latham.  They keep life interesting, to say the least.

When I look at this picture, I wonder what in the world possessed him to do this to his pjs.  Seriously buddy, why did you decide to hike up your pants and stick your arms down through them?!?  Love the pose though.

With a household of six people, laundry is a chore that never ends.  I remember living in Saskatoon by myself when I was a student at U of S, and I did laundry once a week, 2-3 loads total.  Now I average two loads a day to stay current.  Anyway, due to my constant laundering, there is always a laundry hamper or two around for the brothers to play in.

Bellis Fair Mall after a doctor appointment, one of a million lately for Finnian - he has had the most random things happening to him lately - having lunch with my two little batmen.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Vaughn - 3 Months Old

Vaughn is now three months old!  He is getting so big!  I've already had to pack away the 0-3 month clothing - he never did fit "newborn" size - and I'm in the middle of a large project.  Not only am I putting away all the summer clothes, I'm going through the large closet upstairs where I put all the outgrown clothing until the next in line is big enough for it, and figuring out who fits what now.  I've pulled out some 6 month outfits that Ronan used to wear, and it's so weird seeing them again on this little guy.

This cute outfit is one that I bought Finnian when he was tiny.  Judging by Vaughn's smile, I think he likes it.


So adorable, if I do say so myself; Collin & I agree that we make pretty cute children!

Yesterday evening I found Finnian "reading" his Elmo book to Vaughn.

Hanging out with Daddy and his brothers, getting in some tummy time.

Vaughn has found his fingers recently, and they are in his mouth almost constantly.  Sometimes there's even an internal struggle - he can't decide if he wants his fingers or his source of milk!

So far the eyes are blue, but Ronan and I are hoping that they turn green!  Go Team Green Eyes!