Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ronan's First Day of School!

Ronan started Kindergarten yesterday! He was up bright and early to get ready and catch the school bus. I had told him all the exciting things that he would learn this year and he was so excited to start school!

All five of us walked down the long driveway to wait for the bus.

My boys

Ronan and Mommy

He told me after school that he specifically chose the seat by the blinking stop sign. Click on the picture to enlarge it to see his smiling face.

After school we went out to lunch, and Ronan got to pick the restaurant - he chose Applebee's. On the way to the restaurant he said, "I didn't learn how to read yet"; I told him that it would take more than one day at Kindergarten. We asked him about his first day and this is what I got from our conversation:

1) He followed all the children from the bus to the playground and played until the bell rang (he was supposed to meet his teacher in the cafeteria)

2) A mean girl pushed him down the slide

3) He forgot where he put down his backpack but a teacher helped him find it by the swings

4) Three or four adult interventions later, he finally found his teacher and his classroom

Despite getting lost and being pushed on the playground, he is excited to go back!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

The boys have said some cute things lately...

One day as we were driving by the fire station I commented that it was made out of brick. The following coversation then took place:

Ronan - Mommy, is our house made of brick?

Me - No, our house is made of wood.

Ronan - (After pausing for a moment, and with a worried look on his face) Does that mean the big bad wolf is going to come blow it down?


Last Saturday the boys and I were at a playground and Latham was attempting to climb down a curved ladder - something that he hadn't done before at this particular playground.

Latham - Watch me, Mommy!

Me - OK.

Latham - (Completes the feat, then turns to me) Am I amazing Mommy?

Me - Yes, you are amazing!

Latham - I love being amazing!


Latham also routinely calls himself Super Latham and runs around the house yelling, "Super Latham to save the day!"