Monday, March 29, 2010


(Sorry, no pictures with this post - lately I've had sporadic access to a camera since Collin needs it for a project that he's working on.)

On Sunday morning, Latham fell asleep in the van after church, and upon arriving at home, I was able to successfully transfer him to his crib without waking him up. He had a good long nap, but since he had missed lunch, he was quite hungry when he woke up. I was not far off from starting supper, so I figured a small snack would hold him over till we ate. There were only two graham crackers left and I offered them to him. When Ronan realized that I was handing out snacks he came running up to me and stood beside his brother.

I explained to Ronan that I was giving Latham both of the crackers since he had missed lunch, and as I said this I put one cracker in each of Latham's hands. As soon as Latham was holding both graham crackers he immediately outstretched an arm and offered one to Ronan. The gesture melted my heart!

Both boys happily enjoyed their snacks, with wide smiles on their faces. I had a wide smile on my face too :)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Paper Frog Hat

It's long story so I'll keep it short - on Saturday I made Ronan a frog hat out of construction paper. He loved it and wore it all of Saturday, Sunday...

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Needless to say it was looking a little worse for wear especially after wearing it to Tot Soccer on Monday, and after wearing it to a birthday party yesterday, it died. However, Ronan took the loss in stride, and I was commissioned to make another one. How many days will the next one last for?

Gifts from Japan!

Last Saturday Collin returned from a week long business trip to Japan. He usually brings the boys little gifts from his travels, but a few weeks ago, he promised Ronan that he would get him Percy, one of Thomas the Train's friends. I ordered Percy online, along with some more tracks, and the toys arrived a few days before Collin came home.

Ronan was so excited about his present "from Japan"! We figured that he wouldn't know the difference whether it came from Japan or not!

So that he wasn't left out, Latham got a gift too.

A funny side note - One night when Collin was gone, Ronan was having a hard time sleeping. I was watching a WWII documentary on TV, and I let him come sit with me for awhile until he could go back to sleep. The documentary was on the Battle over the Pacific, and there were some scenes depicting war time Japan, so I pointed to the TV screen and mentioned to Ronan that the pictures were of Japan, where Daddy was. There were some scenes with gunfire, and since I figured it was a teachable moment I asked him what he thought about the pictures on TV. He turned to me and said, "It's not fair!" When I asked him what he meant he said, "They have guns and I don't!" That really wasn't the direction I was going! :)

Now, anytime he sees a trailer for an action movie where there are guns blazing, his face lights up and he says, "That's Japan!"


Latham hates baths, but he loves standing beside the bath tub reaching into the water and splashing around. One day when I was filling the tub, he was enjoying the latter when he lost his balance and fell into the tub! Luckily I was around and I scooped him up, soaking wet. The whole ordeal scared him, so he was crying, but I thought I'd take a picture since he was so cute.

I love the plop of bubbles on his head!

What a good reminder to stay safe near bath tubs or any sources of water!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Lazy Day Pancakes

A few weeks ago, we were all up early enough on a Sunday to have a family pancake breakfast before heading off to church. This is rare in our household, so it was a nice treat. By the way, they weren't just ordinary pancakes, they were chocolate chip and mini marshmallow pancakes!

Collin and Ronan making the pancake batter and adding the secret ingredient - cinnamon.

Please excuse my husband's large bed-head hair!

"Can I help too?"

(Since Latham actually doesn't talk in sentences yet, he didn't say this, but I'm sure he thought it.)

My three men working on breakfast. Of course there was some pilfering of the chocolate chips and marshmallows going on!

Ronan helping Daddy flip the pancakes. This was too dangerous for Latham to help.

Yay for yummy pancakes before church!