Sunday, January 25, 2009

Roller Skating - Part Two

A video of roller skating fun!

Ronan didn't want to leave the rink when it was over.

Roller Skating!

Yesterday we took Ronan roller skating at a rink in Lynden. He had a great time especially since his friend Violet was there.

Holding hands with Daddy and Violet as he skates around the rink.

Skating with Daddy, Violet and Violet's mommy, Kelli.

Latham and I watched from the sidelines.

All suited up and ready to skate!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Two months old!

Latham is two months old today and he is really starting to become social. I got some great smiles on video yesterday.

We are so blessed to have to happy, healthy children!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Playing "Guns" with Daddy!

Every evening Ronan begs Collin to play "guns" with him. For Christmas I got Collin a Nerf set that included four guns that shoot velcro-tipped foam darts, two velcro players' vests and two sets of protective eye gear. He and Ronan have so much fun running around the house shooting at each other. I just sit on the couch and laugh while they're playing.

"Look at me, Mommy!"

"I shoot you, Daddy!"

Locked and loaded.

After Collin plays like he's been hit, Ronan approaches him and asks, "You OK Daddy?"

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Ronan - Professional Pictures

This was the best picture that they took of Ronan. I didn't ordered any of him today, but I think that I'll get a copy of this one.

We haven't done any professional pictures of him since his first birthday!

Professional Pictures

We got some professional pictures of Latham taken today. I'm quite pleased with how they turned out! These are the two that I ordered copies of.

Don't worry, I'm not infringing on any copyright laws, I'm allowed to share them!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Auntie Delta

Since my little sister, Delta, lives far far away in Saskatoon, she wasn't able to be there for Latham's birth. When she came home for Christmas she came down to visit us.

Auntie Delta meeting Latham for the first time.

The start of a great relationship.

Our nightly ritual

Every night we follow the same routine for Ronan's bedtime. First, changing into pj's, then brushing teeth, then story with Daddy in his room and finally, Mommy goes in with "Baby Yay-kum" to talk about the past day and do the nightly prayer. Ronan insists on having Latham under the covers with him while we do this final step.

We can always tell when Ronan is tired because his mouth goes into a sucking pose. Must be because he had bottles for so long - he finally gave them up in October! Cold turkey too - he was trooper.

Of course when the camera comes out it's all smiles!

The Christmas Cookie Party

Before Christmas my friends and I had a Christmas Cookie Exchange Party which was hosted by our friend Carrie. She had made cupcakes for the kids to decorate, and they had a great time with the frosting and sprinkles - but the best part was eating their creations.
Altogether there were nine kids and five mommies!

Left to right - Danielle, Violet, Tyler and Ronan

Our gracious host, Cody and his Mommy.

The peanut gallery.
Left to right: Samantha, Peyton and Latham
Missing from the picture is Adeline.

Gangsta' Latham

Taking a break from hangin' with his homies.


Collin has been really good at getting out to take Ronan sledding in the evenings and weekends. It gives me a bit of a break - I only have to deal with Latham then, not both! It also is good for Ronan to get some one-on-one time with his Daddy. The excursions usually wind up with a trip to what Ronan calls "the ice cream cone store" (DQ).

All decked out in his sledding gear to hit the slopes...or at least the hills.

Getting pulled around.

So much fun!