Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Bird Catching

The boys have a new hobby...bird catching.  They set up a trap and wait, and wait and wait some more.  So far they haven't been successful, and I seriously doubt that they ever will be, but it keeps them occupied and out of my hair for an hour or two.

The patient bird catchers waiting to spring the trap - notice the string in Ronan's hands.

The other end of the string is attached to the stick which is propping up the box...classic Wiley Coyote-style.  There are breadcrumbs in a line leading to big pile under the box.

The boys wait on the patio which they think is far enough away for the birds to feel "safe".  You can see the trap in the distance on the right.

Refreshments during the wait.

After an hour of waiting and re-setting the trap a hundred times because the wind has knocked the box down, they give up and start playing another game.  They sure come up with imaginative ways to play!