Friday, August 8, 2014

Odds 'n Ends II

 There are always pictures that I would love to share that don't necessarily "fit" with other pictures, so I'll lump them all together to create a blog post.  Here they are: the Odds 'n Ends of mid-2014.
When the weather got nicer out, the middles (Finnian and Latham) enjoyed picnics out on the patio.  These promptly stopped when Collin voiced concern regarding food on the patio equaling ants on the patio.

 Finnian is Daddy's special helper when it comes to lawn care and maintenance.
 He has, on several occasions, fallen asleep while helping, and I've seen Collin continue mowing with a sleeping Finnian laid over his lap.
 Finnian tuckered out, unable to keep his eyes open while having a nebulizer treatment.  His asthma flares up several times a year.
 Latham takes the prize for being the first brother to need a cast!  How special.  He broke his foot jumping off our bed, while Collin was out of town (of course).  It happened at bedtime, and I could tell by his scream that he had really hurt himself, but told him to go to sleep, thinking it would be better in the morning.  When he couldn't put weight on it the next morning, I took him to the doctor, and, after x-rays, he was casted up.  I'm sure we'll have several casts before the boys reach adulthood.
 I took the boys for ice cream one day (Latham is okay with it if he takes a Lactaid pill).  I snapped some pictures of them eating their treats, and the results were quite humorous, in my opinion.  They were like vultures, and totally unaware of how they looked devouring their cones.  Ronan had chocolate all over his face...
 ...Finnian's eyes were huge...
 ...and Latham couldn't get it into his mouth fast enough!
 Poor Finnian ended up in the ER again - this time it was croup.  He was given a popsicle after taking some medicine.  He thought that was a pretty good deal!
I laughed out loud when I found Finnian looking like such a rough-and-tumble little boy, with mis-matched pjs and the ear protection still on after helping Daddy mow the lawn.  It's exhausting being a 3-year-old!

Vaughn's Weird Walk

I just have to share these four pictures of Vaughn during his pre-walking days.  He could get around pretty fast by crawling, and when the weather got nice the back door was opened and he was allowed out onto the patio.  He quickly figured out that the textured surface of the patio hurt his little knees.  His solution - to walk on all fours, with his little butt up in the air!

Watch out - Baby on the move!


Better Late than Never - Ronan's 8th Birthday!

Happy Birthday Ronan!
Ronan turned 8 years old in the middle of June!  We celebrated with a family party, and he had a party at the local bowling alley for his friends from school.