Friday, November 22, 2013

Halloween 2013

This year for Halloween, Auntie Delta, the boys and I attended the Harvest Party put on by our church, North County Christ the King.  We all had a great time, and it was nice to be indoors in a nice, warm building.  Collin had left earlier that day for two weeks in Japan, so Auntie Delta's help was greatly appreciated.

Finnian sharing his cotton candy with Auntie Delta.

All four boys lined up in a row, content with their sweet treats.


Ronan - aka Optimus Prime

For his first Halloween Vaughn was a pumpkin.

There were games for the children to play; here Finnian is bowling.  Every attempt earned the child a prize, which was a piece of candy.

Ronan shooting a hanging target with a nerf gun.


There was a cookie decorating station...

...and these awesome giant inflatable rings to bounce off of one another.

Ronan and Latham especially liked these.  Finnian was still a bit too young to participate in this activity.

There was also a version of the good-ol' favorite, Cake Walk.  Every child walked away with a cupcake.

The best part about the Harvest Festival was that the boys had so many games and activities to participate in versus standard trick-or-treating.  And they got some candy, but not the obscene amounts that can be collected going door-to-door.

We hope you had a Happy Halloween!

Stoney Ridge 2013

Every year in October we take a trip to Stoney Ridge Farm in nearby Everson, WA.  Stoney Ridge has a great pumpkin patch, farm animals, hay rides, corn maze, and - most importantly - fantastic mini pumpkin donuts!  The activities create a lot of photo opportunities, and here are some pictures from our recent trip this past October.

The size of our family has officially outgrown this favorite cut-out photo op.

Every year I make sure to get a photo of the boys on the saddle next to the Stoney Ridge sign.  I'm not happy that this was the best shot, but anyone with kids know, you take a million snaps, and you're still not guaranteed a good one! 

The barrel-car train is the funnest!

Daddy and Baby Boy #4

It's so tough to be a baby!

A tractor-pulled hay ride took us out to the pumpkin patch.



Daddy and the older boys

Cool dude Latham

Same as every other year, they could pick out
 any pumpkin they long as they could carry it themselves!