Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Better Late than Never - Ronan's Kindergarten Graduation

Ronan had is kindergarten graduation ceremony in the middle of June - so hard to believe that he is entering the first grade in Fall!

I was at his school bright and early to get a seat in the front row, and Auntie Delta acted as a photographer for the occasion.

Ronan receiving his diploma and shaking hands with the principal.

The graduands
Ronan is in the center of the picture looking at the camera.

After the ceremony refreshments were served.  Check out the crazy hats - just paper bands that look like graduation hats.

We went out to lunch afterwards and Ronan got to pick the restaurant - he chose Applebee's!

Ronan and his diploma - and yes, his shirt reads "Class of 2024"!

What a handsome boy!

He's Home!

Collin's home! The boys and I are excited that Daddy is home after 9 days in South America.  For the most part he was in Buenos Aires, Argentina, but he also got to visit Uruguay this trip.

Nice to have you home, honey!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Better Late than Never - Ronan's Family Birthday Party

We had a family birthday party for Ronan the Sunday following his actual birthday.  As usual, it was lunch followed by cupcakes and gift opening.

The cupcakes - half the fun for the birthday boy is selecting the cake mix and icing at the grocery store.

Baby Finnian

By far, Finnian's favorite part of the celebration was the balloons.  He carried them around all day, and heaven help you if you tried to take them away from him!

Partygoers: Auntie Delta, Cousin Lauryn, Aunt Teresa...

...Nana & Grandpa (not picutured)...

...and Grandpa McLoughlin (Papa)!

A staged photo op

Any child's favorite part of a birthday celebration - the presents!

Latham was right in there helping Ronan unwrap his gifts.

Daddy's services were required to get the new toys out of their packaging.

A good time was had by all!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Better Late than Never - Ronan's 6th Birthday!

Ronan's celebrated his 6th birthday on June 14th.  His kindergarten class had a field trip that day to the park, and I attended (along with Latham and Finnian) as a parent helper.  When the class got back to school, I brought cupcakes in for his birthday.

Ronan got to wear the special birthday hat.

Classmates and the birthday boy enjoying the special treats.

The children were wearing their matching class t-shirts.

Latham and Finnian got in on the cupcake action too.

Ronan and his teacher, Ms. Rosenberg.

Happy 6th Birthday, Ronan!