Friday, April 18, 2008


Since he has such fun painting at the one-year-old class that we go to, I decided to get him some paints for using at home. He loves it and gets so excited when I say, "let's paint!"

One of his many masterpieces.

Uh-oh! Ronan checking out the paint that he got on his elbow. Notice the blue paint that he got on his forehead when he was looking at his arm.

Not done yet, Mommy! It needs some more yellow.

Drawing on myself

I was on an important phone call one day, and since Ronan was playing nicely in the living room, I went into the office. After I hung up, I realized that it was quiet...too quiet...

Ronan had a pen and since he wasn't wearing pants, he was drawing all over his knees and legs. He had a wonderful time!

His masterpiece. Too bad it all washed off during his next bath!

Monday, April 7, 2008

The Vancouver Aquarium

One of Ronan's current favorite words is "fish". Since he points out fish whenever he sees them in books and on TV, we thought he'd get a kick out of going to visit the Vancouver Aquarium. He was enamored with all the fish, and spent the entire day pointing and excitingly exclaiming, "fish, fish, fish!"

There were so many fishtanks to see and a wide variety of species to look at.

The jellyfish were my personal favorite.

I don't think he even noticed the other things to look at in the tanks - starfish, living plants, snails, etc.

Meeting the mascot and being deathly afraid of him.

So many fish!

Although he enjoyed the dolphin show more than the beluga show, he loved the underwater viewing of the belugas.