Friday, May 25, 2012


Ronan and I were discussing his Leapster and the possibility of him getting a few more cartridges for it.  He told me, "Sometimes when you buy me stuff I love you even more than I am supposed too.  Isn't that nice of me?"
Seriously, Ronan?!?  SERIOUSLY?!?

Mothers' Day 2012

For Mothers' Day this year we went to Seattle's Woodland Park Zoo. Collin was flying into SeaTac airport from Japan and was flying out the same day to Phoenix, Arizona to fulfill the on-campus requirement for Arizona State University's Master Black Black - Six Sigma program. The boys and I made the 2-hour drive each way to spend Daddy's lay over with him at the zoo. The boys were so excited to see Daddy again, and everyone had a great time at the zoo!

After the zoo we drove Daddy back at the airport. Ronan asked, "Why do we have to drop Daddy off at the airport, why can't we bring him home?" That broke my heart! After a week in Arizona, he is now home again...until the next Japan trip anyways!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Major Oops!

All three boys needed a trim - they were all looking fairly scruffy around the ears and the neck.  I got out the (new) clippers and decided Finnian was first since it was almost his bedtime.  I looked at the various size attachments and saw the big number "1", so I figured it was the 1-inch attachment (the largest in the bunch).  I snapped it in to the end of the clippers and my first cut was smack down the middle of Finnian's head.  It was then I realized that it wasn't the 1-inch attachment, it was the 1/8-inch attachment!!! (I still don't know why it had a big "1" on it)  Horrified, I had to continue to cut the rest of his hair off with it, apologizing the entire time.  This is the result:

He doesn't seem to mind, but I sure do!  Big brothers Ronan and Latham sure had a lot to say too:
Ronan: Whoa, Mom, that is short!
Me: (I keep cutting because I have to finish it all the same length)
Ronan: Don't you think you should stop?!?
Latham: Don't worry Mommy, that's how babies should look.  Don't worry.  (Pointing to his own hair) See, this is how boys should look.  But I don't want to be that short, I want to be different short.

Okay, I get it, I screwed up.  At least it'll grow back.  And look on the bright side, he won't be needing another haircut for a LONG time!