Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Haircut

Today was the day that Ronan finally had his first professional haircut. I had put it off as long as I could for fear that cutting it would make him look so much older. I loved the little curls that were forming in the back, but I had had enough of him looking like a raggamuffin.

The "before" photo.

Ronan was very brave...

...but not too sure of what was happening.

The end result; Mommy is pleased!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Our Lake Tahoe Vacation

For vacation this year Collin, Ronan and I spent a week in Lake Tahoe, Nevada. The weather was fantastic - hot and dry - and we made the most of it by going hiking everyday that we were there. We were fortunate enough to borrow an aluminum-framed backpack for Ronan to ride in (thanks, Kristyn!). Collin sure got lots of exercise hiking while carrying an extra person on his back!

Ronan loved riding in the backpack; he'd get a big smile on his face when we put him in it.

Lake Tahoe peaking through the trees.

Starting out on yet another hike.

Ronan loved the backpack carrier. What a way to travel!

Up early to watch the sunrise from the balcony.

The sun just coming over the mountain. We were at 7334 ft above sea level.

Collin carried Ronan most of the time; I tried to help out, but the little guy is heavy!

The landscape and topography was amazing.

Grass Lake, the end result of a five mile round-trip hike with an 800 ft elevation change.

We had a great time!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Ronan's First Birthday

Ronan's 1st birthday isn't until Thursday (the 14th), but we had a small party for him this past Sunday.

Although the weather could've improved, it was a great day; enjoyed by all.

Ronan wasn't very excited about the cake, he just pushed it around his high chair tray - a missed opportunity to get REALLY dirty!

This toy from Grandpa McLoughlin was a big hit with the Birthday Boy.

The balloons that Mommy and Daddy got for decoration were also a big hit.

Ronan's first birthday cake.

Opening presents with Mommy's help.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Our new blog!

Ronan's Mommy has finally decided to get on the blogging bandwagon! Hopefully she'll stay on top of things and update this page once or twice a week with all the fun happenings of the McLoughlin household.

The most recent news is that Ronan is walking! We have yet to capture it on film (moving or still), but we have witnesses. Last weekend we were up in Canada at Collin's Dad's house and Ronan showed everyone some wobbly steps. He also had fun in their pool and with the many new toys they have for him to play with.

Ronan is also having fun on the tricycle that he got for Christmas from Grandma & Grandpa Holte. We finally found a helmet that fits, so now he is allowed to play with it outside. If only the weather were nicer!

Remember to check back here once or twice a week to see updates!