Tuesday, January 31, 2012


You may notice there's a theme to this post. It was totally not intentional, but when I uploaded the photos to the computer, I had to laugh, since almost all the pictures of Finnian are of him in his highchair. Just by looking at this post, a person could assume he spends most of his life eating, but this is not the case. Lucky for me, the majority of his time is still spent sleeping, which makes him a happy baby during the time he spends awake (and in his highchair!)

Yay for his new skill - and yes, I am being sarcastic. Finnian is a monkey just like his older brothers were at a year of age, and anything less than a five-point harness is easily escapable. Shopping cart seatbelts seem the easiest to escape for him, which is embarassing for me since strangers lecture me on the importance of buckling him into a cart. I kindly point out that he was buckled in, but can wiggle free from the device in the time it takes me to pick out a head of broccoli.

His favorite foods these days is anything he can pick up by himself.

He loves his bottles!

I had to include this picture for my dad and sister, Delta - looks like he's inherited the Holte pinky finger gesture!

Quartered grapes were discovered last night and thoroughly enjoyed. In fact, the Ritz cracker that he had been eating before I put the grapes on his tray was enthusiastically chucked over the side when he saw the grapes.

January Storm

In the middle of January we had a snow storm. Living in the Pacific Northwest, we hardly ever get snow, and when we do it's usually really wet and doesn't last long. The snow that fell two weeks ago was a completely different kind of snow than normal - and it stayed around a lot longer than I would've liked.

Beautiful to look at, but a pain to drive in. While I am undoubtedly an excellent driver, other drivers can be idiots, so the boys and I stayed home all week! School was cancelled as were the boys' swimming lessons.

The view from the kitchen window was wonderful, but I was sure happy when it warmed up enough to venture outside again!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday Finnian!

We celebrated Finnian's 1st birthday yesterday with a family party. His birthday isn't until the 24th, but we had to have it early since Daddy will be in Argentina on a business trip on the actual day.

The birthday cakes! I went with a Winnie the Pooh theme since I found plates, napkins, a banner etc so everything co-ordinated.

Daddy and the Birthday Boy checking out the balloons.

After lunch was time for presents!

Can't believe he's almost a year old already!

Time for cake and the big mess that comes with it on a first birthday. He was cautious at first, and stuck his fingers in the icing - after licking them off and tasting the sweet buttercream...

...he dove headfirst into cake. Why use your fingers when you can go directly to the cake and cut out the middle step!?!

Auntie Delta & Finnian

Entering the sugar daze phase

Happy Birthday Finnian! Good growing!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Life according to Ronan

We are currently going through potty training with Latham. He's pretty much got it, except for the occasional accident when he isn't paying attention. He's even dry in the morning, and bursts into our room every morning at 6:45 am (like clockwork) yelling that he's got to "go pee!" Anyways, this afternoon he had an accident and I was changing him and reminding him that he needs to pee in the potty, not his pants. Ronan said to him, "Ya Latham, you need to pee in the potty so that you can go to school and learn lots of fun stuff, and then you're a grown-up and you get your own kids!" Very succinctly put, Ronan!

The Gun Range

The day before Daddy went back to work after the Christmas/New Years' holiday, he, Ronan and I took a trip to the gun range. We had a babysitter for Latham and Finnian since they were too young to accompany us, so Ronan got some special time with Mommy and Daddy.

He was really excited to try out his new cricket rifle that he got for Christmas.

Daddy gave him some pointers on how to line up the target in the sights and how to handle the gun properly.

Don't worry, he was always closely supervised.

Collin got this great picture of the flash!

Fun day at the gun range!