Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas Concerts

Latham's preschool wrapped up the month with a Christmas program last Friday, and Ronan's school concert was today.  In his program, Latham played the part of the 1st Wiseman in a re-telling of the Christmas story.

 I went "backstage" before the program started to get him ready.  He was really excited and proud of his role.

 He wanted a picture with his best friend.

 Ronan chatted up a girl before the show started.  I figured this was a preview of what's to come when he's a teenager.

 Cutest Wiseman ever!

 A shout-out to all the Daddies and Mommies!

 Handsome mini-man #1

As mentioned above, Ronan's concert was this morning, and we got there bright and early for the 10am start.  Due to the hectic morning, Vaughn didn't quite make it out of his PJs today!

 Vaughn waiting for the concert to start.


 The second graders sang three songs.  Ronan is right above the music teacher's head.

His favorite song is the "Twelve Days of Christmas" that they performed today.  Tomorrow is his last day of school, and then he's out till the 6th of January.  When school resumes, the students and staff will be in their new school building!

Firehall Pancake Breakfast 2013

As I was driving by the Fire Hall on Northwest Avenue one day, I noticed an advertisement for their fund-raising Fire Hall Breakfast the following Saturday.  I am a sucker for going out for breakfast, so this was high on my list of priorities for the day!

 The firefighters served the breakfast themselves, which took place in the main part of the station were the trucks are usually parked.

 Baby Vaughn

 Three well-fed little boys with their "Junior Firefighter" helmets on.

 After eating we checked out the fire trucks outside.

The boys also liked the ambulances.

I can't wait to go again next year!

Oh, I wish I were an...

...Oscar Mayer Wiener!

Last month the boys and I stopped by Safeway in Lynden to pick up a few groceries, and we saw this bad boy in the parking lot!  Man, were we excited!

Photo op!