Saturday, March 15, 2014

Better Late than Never - Latham's 5th Birthday

I am working at getting caught up with blog posts, so bear with me.  This and the next post will not be in chronological order; I was going to just continue on from December 2013, but then I realized I had totally forgotten to post about Latham's recent birthday which is in the middle of November.  Oops, my bad!

 Latham was the special VIP at preschool since it was his birthday.  It was our turn to bring snack, so of course I made cupcakes, and Latham picked chocolate.  We also had a special questionnaire to fill out regarding his likes and dislikes, and I was encouraged to create a photo celebration of my second son.  I love assignments like that, so I spent a fair amount of time making the collage that Teacher Sally shared with his class.

 Page One
 Page Two
 Snack time at preschool, and Finnian was excited to sit and eat cupcakes with the big kids.
 Latham's birthday party was that weekend at my parents' house in Abbotsford.
He made sure to bring his special birthday crown.
 We got a Wii system, and now the older boys are all about Mario.  He was excited that he got a couple Mario presents for his birthday.
 Ronan was almost as excited as Latham was, since he knew that he would undoubtedly get to play with the gifts too.
 Bottoms up, Auntie Delta!  She had a prior engagement, but participated via Skype like she did when she lived in Saskatoon in the past.

 More Mario gifts.
Happy Birthday, Latham!  Good growing!  I love your zest for life and peppy attitude.  You make life interesting, to say the least, and I wouldn't want it any other way - I love being your Mommy!