Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Grandpa's Barber Shoppe

Ronan needed a haircut last week, so Grandpa pulled out the buzzer.

The first few times Ronan got his hair cut there were tears but now he knows that Nana has candy for him when he's done!

The end result.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ummm, rice cereal! Yummy!

Finally, a post about Latham...

Latham tried his first solid food on Sunday. He turned five months old in the middle of April, so we were well in the 4-6 month window for introducing solids.

His first taste of rice cereal.

Yum, give me more!

I have a picture of Ronan doing the exact same thing when he had solids for the first time - trying to fit his fist in his mouth along with the spoon.

A little confused by the whole ordeal but trying it out anyway.

Another milestone passed!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

King Ronan

Sorry, Latham! These next four posts are all about Ronan; I guess I should get some new pictures of you too!

At our two-year-old class the kids made crowns. Ronan put the stickers on by himself and then I helped him staple it together after writing "King Ronan" on it. We went for lunch after class with our friends, and he wore it in the restaurant. So cute!

New summer clothes!

Ronan got some clothes for Christmas that didn't quite fit, so we exchanged them at "The Children's Place" store for some new summer duds. I love that the cap matches the shorts.

Modeling his new outfit.

The shoes are new too, a gift from Nana last weekend. If you call them "shoes", he will correct you - they are "sandal shoes".

Haggen Easter Egg Hunt

We braved the rain to participate in Ferndale Haggen's Annual Easter Egg Hunt. It was set up really well, dividing the hunt into three separate age groups. Ronan was in the 0-3 group.

Ronan and I were at the front of the pack when they yelled go, and we got quite a few eggs.

All of the eggs had candy in them, but some had pieces of paper too that entitled the bearer to a prize. Luckily, we got two pieces of paper, so Ronan got to pick out two prizes. Here he is with his Fisher-Price clucking self-propelled chicken, and with his green dump truck.


Ronan loves to watch me put on make-up and always asks if he can have some "make-ups" too. Usually I get him to close his eyes and I pretend to put it on him, touching his face with the handle of the make-up brush so that I don't actually get any on him.

Last week when I was getting ready I handed him the brushes, pencils and even the concealer and let him have a go at it himself.

This is the finished result. A little clown-like. :)

Friday, April 10, 2009

The Easter Bunny at the Mall

I took the kids to the Mall yesterday to visit the Easter Bunny. Ronan was quite intrigued by the 7-foot-tall rabbit, but wasn't brave enough to have his picture taken with him until right before we left. Latham, on the other hand, snuggled right up to him and tried to nurse - I guess he was hungry! Here are the pictures of our excursion.

A shy Ronan sitting timidly by the Easter Bunny.

Latham trying to find a nipple among all that fur!

I re-positioned Latham to try to get a better shot.

I would have preferred to get a picture of the boys together, but Ronan was too scared until right before we left, and there was a line-up of kiddies waiting for their chance to see the furry friend.

The fiasco at the mall didn't stop after visiting the Easter Bunny, Ronan fell in the toilet when I took him to the restroom! The poor boy had quite a shock!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


This morning as I was getting Ronan dressed we had an interesting conversation after he noticed for the first time a birthmark that he has on his upper arm. He was quite concerned about it.

Ronan: Oh, no, Mommy! I have paint on my arm...need to wash it off!

Me: That's not paint, that's a birthmark.

Ronan: Need to wash off the birthmark with the sink (meaning in the sink)

Me: No, birthmarks don't wash off. The birthmark is something that God gave you.

Ronan: God wash it off!

A picture from last summer showing the birthmark on his upper right arm. As you can see, it is no big deal - but to Ronan it was!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Always Changing

For the first two years of life Ronan had the most beautiful blue eyes, then they changed to grey, and now they have a green tinge to them...

I was always hoping that he'd have green eyes like his Mommy!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Latham in March

Latham is turning into a happy, happy baby! He had some issues with colic for the first couple of months, but now that he is older (and his Momma isn't drinking milk!) he is a happy baby. We also figured out his sleeping schedule and now he falls asleep by himself in his crib at 7pm and sleeps for 12+ hours a night (he is still up to feed twice but goes right back to sleep). Collin and I really like well-rested children that go to bed early!

So excited! (Momma isn't really sure why)

I'm ready for my close-up.

Look how big I'm getting!

Ronan in March

Ronan likes to make what he calls a "bridge" using the couch, the couch cushions, and the bolster. He makes this almost everyday, and heaven help you if you touch it or move any part of it!

Construction is complete - now to get underneath!


I love the little Latham feet on the left in this picture.