Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Ooops, I did it again!

Tonight was bath night, so I thought that I would also trim the boys' hair with the buzzer. My plan was to just clean up the lower parts of their heads because I want their tops to get longer instead of being buzzed all over.

Ronan went first. He is very particular about feeling itchy/scratchy from all the hair that falls on him, so I completely wrapped him up in a garbage bag and he was relatively un-wimpy (not totally un-wimpy but decent enough) during his haircut. Right at the end I took the guard off and cleaned up around his ears. I carefully unwrapped him from his plastic cocoon and went upstairs with him to start the bath. When I came back downstairs it was Latham's turn...
...and I completely forgot that I had taken the guard off! Zip! Right up the side of Latham's head!  I stared in shock and horror that I had done it AGAIN!  I did something very similar to Finnian at the end of spring, and thought I had learned a valuable lesson....apparently not!  I double check that I have the right number guard when I snap it on, now I need to remember to check if there is even a guard on before I start.
Latham was okay with my mistake and really could care less.  I decided not to shave his whole head since it'll be his birthday next month and I always get professional pics of the boys on their birthdays - I want him to have cute little boy pictures as opposed to neo-nazi ones.  The photographer will just have to avoid photographing the side of his head which I think will be relatively easy to do since the majority of shots are frontal shots anyways.
Ronan saw the mistake and said, "We have to stop doing that!"  Collin and I are raising a little diplomat! 

As I write this the boys are happily splashing around in the tub. At least it'll grow back, and with Latham being a happy-go-lucky little boy, he won't be embarrased since he'll forget it's even back there.
Perhaps I've finally learned my lesson!