Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Latham's First Birthday Professional Pictures

Yesterday I took Latham to get his professional pictures done at the mall. As usual, Sears did a great job and I am happy with how they turned out.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Latham's First Birthday!

Our baby boy turns one year old tomorrow! As cliche as it sounds, I don't know where the time has gone, the last year has flown by.
To celebrate this milestone, we had a small family party for him at my parents' house in Abbotsford.

At the party was Nana,


Grandpa (affectionately known as Bubba),

Cousin Lauryn & Aunt Teresa,

and, via Skype, Auntie Delta - all the way from Saskatoon! Notice that she even had a party hat on.

All gathering around to talk to Auntie Delta who amused us with video of her snake and tarantula.

The birthday boy!

He asked for a sip of Daddy's drink...

...his reaction when he got some.

The birthday cake.

Singing "Happy Birthday" to Latham.

Before the mess.

The mess!
He was enjoying the cake experience until the elastic snapped on his party hat; that sent him into a huge crying fit. We weren't sure if it hurt or just frightened him.

After the cake and the tears were over, it was time to open presents.

Ronan "helped" with the presents. That meant he completely disregarded Mommy's instructions to leave the gift bags alone, instead pulling out the contents and commenting on them. My favorite comment was, "Look, clothes! That's so sweet!"

Grandpa demonstrating his "two hat" technique.

Happy Birthday Latham!

Fun with Papa and Daddy!

Ronan spent the last two weekends with his Daddy and Papa (Grandpa McLoughlin). The first weekend they went hunting. Ronan came home and told me "Daddy shot big bird and it was gross!" He meant grouse.

Ronan with the bird.

Ronan and Daddy with the bird.

Ronan and Papa with the bird. He was quite excited as this was his first hunting experience, and later they had some of the meat for dinner.

The second weekend he visited with Oma...

...played with Papa's wheelchair...

...and found some snow to play in with Cousin Lauryn.

What great fun!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Fun

Unfortunately we didn't take any pictures of trick-or-treating in Fairhaven or around the neighborhood. However, here are some pictures of other Halloween activities...

A few days before Halloween Collin, Ronan and I carved the pumpkin, a yearly tradition. Collin and Ronan carefully following the design.

The finished product!

Ronan was extremely excited to turn off all the lights to see what it would look like in the dark.

Latham in his tiger costume at our siblings class. I love the cute little black nose!

Playing with the pumpkin in the activity table.

Mommy and Ronan before we left to go trick-or-treating around the neighborhood. Daddy stayed home on candy duty with Latham who was already asleep.

We hope everyone had a safe and happy Halloween!

First Presbyterian's Harvest Festival

Our church had a Harvest Festival the week before Halloween. It was extremely well-run, with games, activities, crafts, candy and prizes. My mom came down and we went with the boys.

Ronan at the cookie decorating table.

Latham and Nana taking a break on the sidelines.

Ronan wanted to get his face painted, but as you tell by his expression, he wasn't too sure about what she was doing to his face.

Hands-free donut eating...

...I'm lovin' this action shot!

I remember doing this fishing game when I was little.

Bowling First Pres style

The hula-hoop toss game.

We had a great time - for sure we'll go again next year!

Pumpkin carving with Papa

Collin, the boys, Aunt Teresa, Lauryn and I went out to Vancouver to carve pumpkins with Papa (Collin's father). Ronan and Latham wore their Halloween costumes to participate in the festivities.

Ronan in his "orange monster costume" and Latham as a tiger.

Papa and his grandsons.

Since Collin was the photographer I am actually in a few of the photos!

Cousin Lauryn carving her pumpkin with Latham and Mommy supervising.

Stoney Ridge Farm

The boys and I went on our annual trip to Stoney Ridge farm a week ago. Our primary goal was to pick up two pumpkins for the boys to paint at the siblings class that we attend through Bellingham Technical College. Of course we had fun experiencing the Farm's sights, sounds and tastes as well.

Ronan & Latham in their matching Seattle Mariners baseball caps.

Mama and sons on the hayride out to the pumpkin patch.

Ronan as the head of the pumpkin snowman.

I get this same shot every year - Ronan, and now Latham, sitting on the saddle with the Stoney Ridge sign in the background.

Checking out the Shetland ponies.

The goats gave the boys and I lots of attention since they were convinced that we were going to feed them.

Ride 'em cowboy!

Latham found the rooster interesting...

...until it crowed really loudly and made him cry.

Undoubtedly the best part of Stoney Ridge...the mini donuts and homemade apple cider!