Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Ronan's New Glasses

At Ronan's parent/teacher conference I was informed by his teacher, Mrs. Sytsma, that Ronan failed his vision exam that they do at the school.  She suggested that he be examined by an optometrist, so the first week in December we had an appointment for him.  Turns out, he needs glasses.  We ordered him some and a week later they came in.  He was so excited to get them.
Such a handsome boy! 

Luckily, the glasses came with a year warranty, because less than 24 hours after getting them, Finnian got his hands on them and pulled off one of the arms.  Luckily, it was fixable by the place where we purchased them, and Ronan got a second stern talking to about taking care of and responsibility for his new eyewear.

Gingerbread House

Every year the boys and I make a gingerbread house. This year we were a little late due to the fact that I've not been feeling well lately, but today we got it finished. I baked up the pieces a few days ago, and the decorating was done today while Finnian was having his afternoon nap.
The boys wanted to lick the beaters as usual.

In the middle of making their masterpieces.  Notice Ronan's new glasses!

This is Latham's side (roof, end and side piece).

This is Ronan's side (roof, end and side piece).
Now we finally have our centerpiece for Christmas dinner, which I am hosting here at our home.