Friday, April 27, 2012

Latham's First T-ball Game

Latham is in a spring t-ball league which started at the beginning of April.  The first few weeks were practices, but on Thursday his team had their very first "game".  Since the teams in the league are made up of 3 & 4 year olds, I'm sure you can imagine the chaotic-ness of a game, but one thing's for sure, all the on-lookers were entertained by the antics of the players.  I got a great video of Latham batting to show Collin when he gets home from Argentina on Sunday!

Finnian was happy with his lollipop which made him a sticky, sticky mess.

Latham up at bat getting some help from a mommy volunteer. The teams played two innings during which each child got to bat and run the bases while the other team played the field.

Latham on the home stretch - notice that determined look on his face!

Latham in the "dug-out" with his teammates.

Big brother Ronan was eager to yell out tips to Latham on the field. That's what big brothers are for, right?!?

Ronan also is in a t-ball league this spring. He is in a soccer league as well; needless to say, I spend a lot of time at Bender Fields. Finnian knows the drill and is less than enthusiastic about sitting around watching his older brothers play sports. One day it will be your turn too, Finnian!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Finnian's Haircut

Finnian has always had rather wild hair. In fact, he was born needing a haircut! We always use clippers on the older boys, but I was hesitant using them on Finnian since I thought he would freak out and I wasn't sure that I wanted his hair super short, fearing that it would make him look so much older. 

However, his mullet was getting out of hand, so I enlisted my sister, Delta, to help me.

The "before" picture

I was surprised that he wasn't freaking out - in fact, he was enjoying it...

...even when she had to cut around the ears!

Perhaps the bottle was the reason he was being so cooperative!

The "after" picture - so handsome!

Doing our part for Earth Day...sorta

Collin has a great big truck that is perfect for his outdoorsy-man hobbies, but the beast guzzles gas. Since he drives a half hour to work each way, it made sense to get him a commuter car.  And yes, he kept the truck.

Happy commuting, Collin!

Saturday, April 14, 2012


Collin's New Boat

The Easter bunny was especially generous to Collin this year! After months (and months) of searching, Collin finally spotted the boat that he wanted.

It's a 21-foot Striper, the perfect size while the boys are small.

This boat will no doubt be much used and loved over the next few years. I, personally, am excited for all the fresh fish dinners that hopefully it will help provide!

Richard's Birthday

For his birthday this year my father-in-law wanted to celebrate at the gun range.

Happy Birthday Richard!