Saturday, October 11, 2014

Stoney Ridge 2014

We did our annual trek out to Stoney Ridge Farm a little early this year since we looked at the October schedule and realized that it would be the only weekend Collin would be home this month.
We started with the corn maze, and actually made it from beginning to end!  Usually we end up leaving the same way we came in. 

Ronan was our navigator, and he did a great job!

My men

Next was the barrel car ride.
This is one of the boys' favorite things to do at Stoney Ridge. 

Vaughn and I waited on the sidelines.
We did the photos in the cut-outs like we always do...

...and fed the goat at the top of the high pole. 

The lucky goat
I was extremely happy to get this picture of all four boys; photos of all boys looking reasonably well are few and far between.  This is a contender for the Christmas letter, for sure! 

Ronan - 8 years old now and in 3rd grade. 

Boys #3 and #4 (Finnian and Vaughn)

Boy #2 (Latham)

Collin and Latham feeding a cow.

Of course we stopped for pumpkin donuts... 
...which is another of the boys' favorite things at Stoney Ridge. 

And a walk through the pumpkin patch,
Finnian was on a serious mission! 

Picking the perfect pumpkin 

The middles (Latham and Finnian)
It was an unseasonably warm day, with only a 5-minute rain shower, so it was the perfect day to go.  Latham is going there for a field trip later this month with his Kindergarten class.

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